Welcome. I’m sure you are excited about SPOT+ and what it can do for your radio station. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started.

Is SPOT+ right for my radio station?

That’s up to you. Only you can determine whether SPOT+ is right for your operation.

Ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Does your station simulcast 100% on-air and online? This is a must.
  2. Does your station broadcast in HD along with your analog signal? Not required but it would make the auto display more powerful to your listener.
  3. Is your station willing to swap out its existing mobile app with our customized mobile app? This is a must.

Can SPOT+ talk to my station mobile app so that I don’t need to change my app?

To modify your existing mobile app for it to talk to the SPOT+ interactive platform is not simple. It involves re-engineering the codes on both sides. It is expensive and time consuming. Your listeners will enjoy the extra interactivity and functions that come with the SPOT+ mobile app. Plus, the cost of the app is included in your monthly subscription fee.

Can my station have exclusivity for my market if I sign up with SPOT+?

Maybe. It depends. The size of your market and the number of stations in your operation are all factors to consider. Let’s talk.

Your plan is to launch SPOT+ is early 2017. How many stations do you plan to sign up?

Our goal is to take care of our clients. We are going to have a fairly small number in year one. On-boarding and training is similar to putting in a new traffic system. It takes some work on both sides.

How much revenue can I generate with SPOT+?

The great thing about SPOT+ is that it is a complement to the radio spots your station is already selling. It’s easy for advertisers to see the benefit of having visuals and text in sync with their radio spots. At CRISTA we’ve found the sweet spot to be adding 10% to our spot rate.

If your station bills $3 million in spots a year and you sell 40% of your clients SPOT+ your station would see an increase of $120,000 a year.

I’m sure I can find someone to just replicate this myself, right?

Our SPOT+ interactive platform is proprietary. As of today, there is not another platform that can do “ad sync” with radio spots to provide visuals and text across all three of our platforms. The technology behind SPOT+ has multiple intellectual property patents.

How can I view the SPOT+ presentation from the RAB Radio Show?

You can download and revisit our presentation here.

I’m ready to sign up. What will this cost me?

Please e-mail us directly and we will discuss with you the current pricing.

What this includes:

  • Customized mobile app – Trust us, you want this! Check out the customized mobile app by going to your phone’s app store and searching Spirit 105.9, Spirit 105.3 or Praise 106.5
  • SPOT+ Technical Setup – This involves interfacing the SPOT+ system with your station’s mass storage and station website.
  • SPOT+ Seller Training – Getting your sales team up to speed so they can hit the ground running selling this new feature and increasing your revenue.

Are you ready to embrace the future of radio? Call us or e-mail to get started today.